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Another day, another bill

So on Monday morning, I found what amounted to a small body of water residing in the trunk of my car.

Oh, I didn't tell you about that one? 

Long story. Suffice it to say, you should never ever (seriously people, not ever) leave soaking wet towels in your trunk for an extended period of time.

Then I found some hairy green algae-looking mold thing growing in our water purifier.

Monday night I went to see the medical doctor (instead of the chiro, since that doesn't seem to be working).  He gave me a bunch of drugs that made me sweat TOO MUCH
 and made my head feel like the inside of a beehive.

Look, I have enough trouble sleeping. I have a damn hamster on a wheel in my brain 
that only seems to kick on when I go to bed. He runs like hell, makes lists, 
reviews events, worries, you name it, but no sleep.

I don't need to have steroids and pain killers 
making sleep impossible.

So after Mr. Smith made it clear (again) that I was being stubborn, I went to see his chiro to get a third opinion on the back thing.

It is probably not a shocking revelation that I have a problem with being stubborn. So basically poor Mr. Smith is married to a sleep deprived stubborn bitch. 

Pity him.

Pretty much every computer our little company owns has failed at some point this week. You know, because we don't have enough stress, we need to heap more on top of the stress sundae we are chowing on right now.

Yesterday, Grand Master H had to have his physical to get cleared for kindergarten.

Don't even get me started on what it has taken to get me to move on this one. I seriously don't think he is ready, but if he stays home too long I may never get him to go.

So off to the doctor we went. Unfortunately, we had to wait to long and the stress/lack of snacks got to Young Mr. Smith. When can't have snacks, he loses his shit. And so, he proceeded to go ballistic.

He didn't want to be measured. He did not want to be weighed. He did not want a check up. When I explained to him that this is life he wailed, "I HATE LIFE!!!"

Luckily we have a doctor that is simply amazing, was firm and got the exam completed. I was exhausted, H was crying and splotchy. 

We needed pancakes, so off to The Original Pancake House we went. 

Thankfully, they have instituted a spanking new digital ordering system that allows them to get the food to you in seconds (seriously!). That kid was famished!

He was actually a little distressed that there was not a plate of pancakes waiting 
on the table when we were seated.

"Mommy, why are my pancakes not here yet?"

Yes, he ate them that fast.

Have I mentioned how crazy I am about this little boy? Yes, he makes me nuts. He has challenged me in ways that I never expected, but Grilled Cheesus, does he ever fill my heart with joy.

So then it was my turn to go see the doctor.
I was filled with dread. I hated the idea of spending the money, but Mr. Smith made it VERY clear that I needed to do this...or else.

I don't know what the or else is, but I was not willing to find out based on everything that has happened this week. Too scary.

He pretty quickly assessed the situation, my pain level, did a few tests and presto, he now believes I have a bulging disc. 

Winner winner chicken dinner! I get to pay too much for an emergency MRI 
since my HMO basically sucks.

Dr. Ball-O-Fire talked an MRI technician into staying late and doing the test for me despite having scheduled time off. Dr. Ball-O-Fire moved heaven and earth to get me taken care of, make sure I had pain meds to get me through the weekend if necessary and just generally lit a fire under everybody. 

I will be forever in his debt. 

So now, the bank of Vertigo is $450 lighter and I know that, when necessary, I can go to my happy place and fall asleep inside an MRI machine. 
The technician running the thing actually had to wake me up!
I guess it helps that I can't sleep and Baby C got up at 3:47 am.

Now I get to enter a realm that have avoided my whole life. I get to become one of those people that spends time shuttling from doctor to doctor, having tests done, waiting for results, freaking out over every ache and pain.

I will keep you posted.

And the verdict is...

Confession Time