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Poetic Justice?

Doesn't it seem kind of like cosmic justice that Sarah Palin has a stalker 

Especially in light of the fact that she still has this on her Facebook page. 
Complete with crosshairs and names?

Only a bonehead as big as Stupid Sarah would have an equally insipid stalker, FROM PENNSYLVANIA! Dude, seriously, stalk someone close by, you know like the same state even?

I find it hilarious that the same stupid woman who is packing that much fire power in every episode of her reality show has to get a wimpy ass restraining order. Heard of smaller government, Sherlock?

Also, after the crap you pulled with the cop that used to be your brother-in-law, do you really think the cops are going to be super aggressive in protecting your lilly white ass?

I'm curious, Sarah, not comfortable in the crosshairs?

Hmmmm.....Maybe Todd can help.

Remember that scene the in The Dead Zone where Martin Sheen's character 
holds a baby in front of him to keep from being shot by a sniper?


I may need a nap.

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