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On the way to get Grand Master H, Famous Baby C fell asleep. In less than five minutes. Maybe because she got me up at 4:41am?


Imagine my surprise when I found this little monkey at school!

Of course, as soon we left the confines of the school, he lost his shit and couldn't move his mouth (very similar to the way Archie reacts to being forced to wear any article of clothing). He thrashed and wailed in the back seat like a wounded circus performer. I had to speed through the drive thru at MacDonald's to get a bottle of water (to wash the face paint off) and emergency hamburgers to calm the savage beast (H) who had neglected to eat his snack at school and was in a hypoglycemic haze of rage and tears.

All very dramatic.

And then we came home and filled the replacement wading pool (the round one had a series of slices in the bottom and thus had to be returned).

In their infinite wisdom, they made up a game. They each put a cup on each hand, called them fists, and proceeded to beat the hell out of each other with their cup covered hands.


After that, pool time was pretty much done.

Thank you Tim and Thom

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