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Because our business is inexplicably busier than it has ever been we are sticking with our Staycation plans. We have been doing this for the past three summers. Also, I also consider my reluctance to travel with these little nightmares a public service. Taking them on the road just plain sucks. It is NOT relaxing for anyone. Not us, not the kids and not the public at large.

Believe me, it is NOT popular around here. Not one little bit. I am constantly forced to come up with inventive ways to keep these two little criminals occupied.

Each summer I buy them a pool, mostly because I am not equipped to deal with both of them at the beach or our clubhouse pool on my own. They want to go in opposite directions and I just can't leave them to their own devices. Let's face it, their judgement is for crap.

So, we fill the wading pool and the three of us have a grand old time.

Even though this pool sprung a leak almost immediately, and had to be returned. It sure was fun. Also, I found a much better replacement for less money! 

Dance Party

My own Lost Boy