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Heavy Metal Mom

Listen, I get it.

Taking your kids to school is a drag.

You have to get out of bed before noon.

You have to get dressed.

You have to wear two shirts, the top shirt being completely unnecessary because you are, in fact, wearing a long-sleeved shirt under a short-sleeved shirt.

See, because the whole point of the top shirt, the short-sleeved, unnecessary one, is to let the other moms know that you are so damn rock and roll that you will drop an F-Bomb ON YOUR CLOTHING at preschool. 

Not like these little monsters can READ!!!

You don't get much more rock and roll than that, bitches.

And then you get in your tricked out Excursion, because you support terrorism, sip your $7 Starbucks Latte and drive away while talking on your cell phone...screw hands free.



P.S. This garment is a concert shirt from a little band calling themselves Winds of Plague. Apparently some of their bigger hits are The Impaler and Decimate the Weak. I don't know, Spinal Tap much?

A typical day...

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