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Haircuts=Big Corona

When you are a Smith kid getting a haircut means you go to the beach immediately afterwards. This is not negotiable. The servants parents MUST transport the demanding ingrates children DIRECTLY to the beach. There will be no stopping. You will be highly critical of the servants parents for stopping for traffic or traffic signals. Whatever with your fancy laws.

As Grand Master H told me one day, "We may not be old enough to drive, but we know how."


As you can see, this is Baby C's happy place. She is blissed out when we are at the beach. She would stay here and sleep in the sand if I would allow it.


Since turning six, Grand Master H has become quite the little daredevil. As soon as we arrive, he tears off his shoes and charges into the water, fully clothed. H figures that I always travel with his complete wardrobe so getting wet/sandy is no problem. I will just pull a complete dry outfit from thin air.

His sister is far more cautious and stays with me. I take pictures and she plays in the sand. She is perfectly content to chase seagulls and build castles. She is in full-blown princess mode these days so sandcastles play right into that deal.


See those pants? Yeah, they are actually shorts. They (when they aren't saturated with water and sand) normally come just below his knees.

This is Grand Master H as a sand monster terrorizing his father and sister.

And then, Grand Master H asked me for dry clothes. Which I did not have. So we drove home with a naked H in the back seat.

I just want to give a shout out to the incredible Miss Stephanie. She is responsible for these fabulous haircuts. She never fails to give them the most gorgeous cuts and the children love her like crazy. Thank you so much!

Famous Baby C

Wise beyond his vocabulary