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Easter Wrap Up, three weeks late

I know that normal people post Easter photos, you know, on Easter or shortly after Easter. Well, I am not normal people. I hang on to stuff for weeks, hoping that I will be able to figure out something to write to go with another slew of photos of my children so that I don't bore everyone to tears.

There you have it, the plain unvarnished truth. It only took me three weeks to stop coughing long enough to get this rambling mess together! Everybody wins!


Easter Sunday we had Mema and Poppy visiting. We packed up two cars and despite an early head injury (Grand Master H got a little overly enthusiastic and stuck his head in Pop Pop's trunk just as Pop Pop was slamming the trunk...he's fine) we actually made in to our destination a little early. How could we possibly be late? We had been up since 4:12am! Grilled cheesus, was the Easter Bunny even in bed by then?

Our early arrival gave us plenty of time to torment innocent bystanders and get a few more injuries. Say what you want about the Smith Family Players, but we know how to party.

Yes, there were a few tears in the car because Mommy is a Forgetter (this is what both my children call me because I forget everything). The Forgetter, who very carefully purchased color-coordinated-to-their-outfits- Easter-baskets for them to use during the Easter Egg Hunt,  and then just as carefully left them home. Hence the derogatory nickname. I am no Martha Stewart.


The Huntington Library and Gardens in beautiful San Marino, CA.

They have Easter Brunch. In the gardens. With harp music.


It was like something out of The Great Gatsby. It was a beautiful day, the food was amazing, the service was unbelievable, the company was the best.

As you can see, the brunch turned my children into sullen pouting teenage Emos. So, you know, a good time was had by all. All minus two.



After brunch there was a brief Easter Egg Hunt and the we headed over to the Children's Garden. 

H played with the iron filings and the giant magnet.

They sat in the rainbow tunnel and asked me when the movie was going to start.

They splashed in the different water features.

Grand Master H climbed on stuff and ran around.

Famous Baby C set up shop in the vine-covered cottage, sat down at the table and began bossing other little girls around. Apparently they were having a tea party and she was making everyone souffles. 


We will definitely be regulars here.

It was just a lovely day. Thank you to Mema for the absolutely perfect Easter outfits. And thank you to Pop Pop and Grammy for hosting such a lovely and memorable day for all of us.


(Side note to my in-laws: Yes, we will be traveling to The Huntington in the future. No, you should not stalk us because stalking is wrong and creepy, also I have a stun gun and I am not afraid to use it on one or all of you. Most likely the one with the bum ticker, and you know who you are. Have a great day!)


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