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Blooming Bacteria Batman!

You aren't going to believe this. I can't quite believe it myself.

I am sick again. 

My voice is almost completely gone. I ran a low grade fever for a few days.


This picture has absolutely nothing to do with anything.

I just had to post it. Maybe it is the fever that made me do it.


Last weekend we were able to go out, in public, and interact with the world. We went to a friend's home for dinner/swimming/tech support. A few tears were shed (mainly by my children who are not accustomed to intereacting with people), but the five (holy shit Miss Amy, how do we have 5 children between us?!) children had a wonderful time. Mr. Smith and I had a lovely time too. Turns out it is nice to go out and talk to adults every once in a while. Go figure.

The next day, Mr. Smith tricked me into taking our children to The Belly of the Beast. I will not rant about my visceral hatred for the that place. As far as I am concerned, the only redeeming quality of the place is the primo people freak watching.

I am not saying that these good folks are freaks. I am just wondering how much fun you can get out of cruising around that dump on one of these things?

How much do you suppose Grandma and Grandpa are getting out of this little outing? Also, if you are on one of these things? Don't get snotty when actual walking folks get in your way. I am sorry that you are chunky and old, but seriously? Does everyone need a cart thingy? To the point that there are actual motorcades of family members? Really? And we can't figure out why other countries hate us...amazing.


Here are some shots of the babies swimming.





Baby C was in the water before I even knew what was going on. Grand Master H was shy for a few minutes, but then was in the water, got a little ahead of himself, causing Mr. Smith to jump into the pool (clothes and all, cape fluttering in the gentle evening breeze) to rescue him.

Swimming lessons are in their future. Period.

It will not be pretty, I can guarantee it.



On a completely unrelated note, Mr. Smith very generously agreed to drive to Los Angeles (the scene of many of our more ridiculous misadventures) one last time for me.

You see, The Bloggess was going to be reading from her new book Let's Pretend This Never Happened and I was desperate just to be in the same room with her. She is a blogger, mother, writer, and utterly unique individual and I love her.

There was a grand total of about four hours of driving, but honestly, it was worth it. She is lovely and uproariously funny. She is so inspirational to me personally.

Too many times in my life I have allowed other people to stifle me or believed them when they told me I couldn't do something. She has such spirit and has survived so much and is just simply herself.

Seriously, buy the book, laugh until you cry, you are very welcome.

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