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Archie and the Tea Cake

Over the weekend I had a mini tantrum and cleaned out the snack bag we take everywhere.

Yes, we drag a bag of snacks with us everywhere we go.

Yes, even to a restaurant. Boo does not order from any menu. 
As she says, "No thank you. I only like my own food."
At least she is polite when she shuns the waiter/waitress in every restaurant.

At the bottom of the bag, there were many wonderful discoveries.

4 pairs of Boo's sunglasses, 2 of Boo's hats and about $2 in loose change.

The hats were in dire need of laundering, and Grammy took care of that part.

This is what she found when she came out of the laundry room.

See how she did that?
She argues with me about the most ridiculously stupid shit.
She makes me nuts with her crabby ways.

And then she goes and does something that just kills me with her cute.

She might as well be dipped in powdered sugar.

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