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ANTS! And other news

I am still battling the effin ants. I have pretty much scrubbed all the counter space in the kitchen,
sprayed the back of the house with death spray, and maintained a level of vigilance that can't
be healthy.

I am itching all over and this time it isn't due to an allergic reaction to Green Tea.
This time it is because even the sight of the damn ANTS! makes me itch like a 
junkie in need of a fix.

I may need a shower. And a cocktail. Wait, it is FAR too early to start drinking. Don't want to be THAT mother at preschool dropoff!

Grand Master H went to bed last night (if you can call it that) at 5:30 pm.
Wait for it...he slept THROUGH THE NIGHT until 4:50 am.

Holy Moses!

All The Smith Family Players slept through the night!

It is a Christmas miracle...in September.

I made these the other night for dinner. Instead of walnuts, I threw in some mini chocolate chips.
Banana chocolate chip waffles. Even Grand Master H ate them. We have a bunch in the freezer, they may be whispering my name. I can't be sure, it may be the ANTS!

Last and most certainly not least, everyone in the house is free of diapers. We have had the occasional accident, which is to be expected, but other than that, we are out of the diapered woods. As it turns out, dealing with both of them at the same time worked out REALLY well. They encourage each other, cheering each other on, high-fiving all over the place, singing gross pooping songs (as in Hut, Two, Poop, Four as they both march into the bathroom) it is all around awesome. 
I am so proud of both of them.

Barely working with Dada

Not gonna be Sippin' for the Cure