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All In

We took the kids to the park on Saturday.
It was overcast, misting/raining, but they didn't care.
No matter the weather, they are all in.
So is Mr. Smith.

He pretends to be a monster that is going to eat them.
He hides in the tunnel slide and scares them half to death.
They love every minute of it.
So do I.

I love that I have children with the most amazing fertile imaginations.
I love that I have a husband that is so completely committed to his wife and children that he runs around, growling, crawling down tunnel slides, pretending to be a T-Rex.

This is the moment they realize he is hiding in the tunnel slide. Immediately before they take off running and screaming.

His parenting style is a vast improvement over his own father.

Life is good.


This is developing into a real problem...