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Me and my sidekick

The other day Famous Baby C and I ran away from home for 
a few hours while Grand Master H was at school.

We hit one park before she crapped out and fell asleep in her car seat.

It was a rough week, but Boo can teach you how to have fun.

She can remind you how run and let your hair fly behind you.

I have no idea what this flower is, but isn't it gorgeous? It looks furry and had just been watered or maybe it was dew.

We talked to ants and looked for pill bugs. Okay, she talked to ants and looked for pill bugs. I just sat in one of these fabulous adirondack chairs, took pictures, and sipped coffee.

I got to sit and have quiet and watch this little tea cake flutter around.

And talk to ants.

And try on my hat.

And just generally enchant me. She does that frequently.

She is such a great sidekick. Very helpful, very chatty and extremely funny.

And then we had a few rainbow goldfish crackers.

It was awesome.

End of my rope

Having one of those days?