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Grand Master H and The Tokyo

I am not exactly sure how and when this started.

I know that a couple of years ago, not long before Christmas, Grand Master H expressed his heart's desire. 

All he wanted for Christmas was Godzilla. Basically, his Christmas would completely suck without Godzilla (I am paraphrasing here).

I looked everywhere. Of course, Amazon would have made more sense than anywhere else, but I was on a serious deadline.

As a last ditch effort, I ended up swinging by CVS (I was actually looking for candy canes, but made a quick pass down the toy aisle just out of desperation). Low and behold, for the low low bargain price of $9.99, they had a damn Godzilla! 

I was elated! I could not believe my good look. It was practically a bonafide
Christmas miracle, people!

Grand Master H was beyond happy when he saw it.

He slept with it in his bed. 

Picture A Christmas Story but with a spiked Godzilla figure instead of "A Red Rider B B Gun with compass and a stock and a thing which tells time."

Now here we are two years later and Grand Master H is quite an authority on all things Japanese.

He is into Ultraman and all his variations. There seem to be about 25 different Ultramen, and let's not forget Ultra Mother and Ultra Father.

He watches Ultraman videos on YouTube.

He sings the theme songs in phonetic Japanese (which he calls Spanish) in the car, in the bathtub, in bed. He has started plugging his ears, reclining in the tub and singing Ultraman theme music 

We have a collection of the monsters that Godzilla fights (Mothra, Gigan, Destroyah, Hedorah, etc.) and a collection of the monsters Ultraman fights (holy moses, don't even ask, there are dozens).

I have bizarre conversations about monsters and battles. I field odd requests like, "Mommy, can we go to The Tokyo? I want see Godzilla stomp on the buildings."

Or the ever popular, "Mommy, Godzilla is going to give Rodan a taste of tail sandwich!"

This big fella with all the weaponry? Yeah, that's Gigan. He has been known to accidentally pop birthday balloons much to the chagrin of the birthday boy. After a stern talking to and many tears, it was determined that Gigan needed a bit of a time out. He is now permitted to roam more freely, but we keep an eye on him. He just LOOKS like trouble. I was also informed that his wings are tiny and useless, not too surprising considering the amount of armor he is sporting.

Naturally, with all of these heros and all of these monsters, frequent scuffles erupt. 
That is to be expected.

And there is the occasional pile-up.

But more often than not, it is just a little boy having a wonderful time being in charge of good and evil. He gets to decide who wins and loses.

Who can blame him for liking that part?

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