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Be Your Own Canvas : Part 2

I would like to introduce Sticker Girl.

She can shoot stickers with her hands.

Her superhero rig pretty much just consists of a pink princess Pull-Up and lots and lots of stickers.

Did I mention that she can shoot stickers with her hands?

I am not sure if that means she fires at the stickers or if the stickers shoot out of her hands.

I should probably ask more questions when I interview these mercurial creatures that I live with, but all this super hero talk can be exhausting.

I just love it that they believe that they have super powers. 
We could all use those every once in while, right?

I can remember how powerless it feels to be a child. You have no control over your life. You are told when to eat, sleep, take a bath, don't pick your nose, don't put your hands down your pants, and on and on and on.

Yup, being Sticker Girl is sounding better and better.

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