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Who needs Cold Stone...

when you can just make your own?

Sometimes, when I see what other bloggers post it makes me feel positively stupid. Don't ask me why it never occurred to me that I could mix my own stuff into ice cream.

I could buy good quality ice cream and add my own mix of ingredients to make it my own. I am partial to the Vanilla Ice Cream from Trader Joe's. It is just perfect. Rich, creamy and not overpriced.

I am not even going to try to steal credit for this notion. I am just kicking myself for not thinking of it sooner.

I opted for the Banana Pudding variety and was completely blown away by the results. Next time I will puree the banana rather than just mashing it. Turns out chunks of frozen banana are quite jolting in your ice cream.

You do need to work pretty quickly and the ice cream doesn't really get SUPER solid again, which is a huge plus for me and Mr. Smith. We aren't the rock solid ice cream types anyhow.

Did you know that today is no nap Monday?

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