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A bunch of random stuff in list form

1. Grand Master H had two sleep walking episodes in the past week. The first time, he made it all the way down to the kitchen, walked around the island and was gently led upstairs by Pop Pop. By the time I got there, he was back in bed, but proceeded to laugh hysterically (while still asleep) for about 90 seconds. Very weird. The second time, I caught him before he made it out of his room. I put him back in his bed. He remembers none of this. I did some research, apparently this is very common in kids his age. They usually outgrow it by their early teens. I don't know if I can keep this up for another seven years.

2. I had to have a polyp removed from a place that I can't mention, because my niece reads this blog. Let's just say, my lady parts (sorry A1) have been on the injured list for the last several days. It was so much worse than I thought it would be and it hurt far longer than I ever would have thought possible. Thankfully, I got word from the doctor that the polyp was benign, so there was nothing to worry about. It was one of those things that I was not actively worrying about, but when my HabiTrail of a brain would slow down for a minute, I would start to worry about it again. Now, that one item is gone from my "To Worry About" list.

3. I have made my own ricotta cheese twice this week. I can't recommend it highly enough. It is so much creamier and more flavorful than that crumbly stuff you get at the store. I know, after reading that last sentence, my brother is buying a plane ticket so that he can get in on the ricotta action.

4. Once again, I have been taking a photography class. This one is Picture Color. I have been a bit hit-or-miss. Some of the prompts just haven't spoken to me, or life has gotten in the way. Life has a way of doing that sometimes. I won't bore you with all the prompts, but here are a few of the shots I have used:

5. Today I killed the air pump we use to blow up the kiddie pool. It was a REALLY loud pop and scared the pudding right out of me and both kiddies. Not winning. Not winning at all. The best part, I have a husband who is so completely awesome he will run all over looking for cheesecloth AND a new air pump. That is why I married him.

6. Today I sliced my hand open on a piece of foil. Yup, just the regular stuff you buy in a box at the grocery store. Not even the heavy duty stuff.

7. After getting a replacement pump, scrubbing the inside of the incredibly dirty pool, filling the stupid ass pool...yeah, it has a damn leak!! The thing is is losing air as I type this.

8. My children have spilled so much "bubble juice" on the patio that it actually lathers when you spray the hose on the cement. This would not be a problem except that I had to use the hose and my son hops constantly. You do the math. He did an epic pratfall seconds after I begged him to be careful. I blink and then I hear a huge splat and he is on his back, covered in suds! I figure CPS will love the story behind THOSE bruises! On a more positive note, we have the cleanest patio in the O.C.

9. Grand Master H decided that the one thing he needed to make him sublimely happy was a mango and some watermelon. In an effort to encourage his more adventurous palate, Mr. Smith procured these two items. H inhaled the mango, but refused to let the watermelon cross his lips. The kid is a damn freak. So, I was left to eat the watermelon. Well, I took one bite and I was ten years old, standing in a shady picnic grove, celebrating a swim team victory on a sweltering summer day. Sense memory is an amazing and powerful thing.

10. This week I learned that 28 minutes can seem like an eternity when you live with a three year old diva.

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