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Awkward family, no photos

Mother's Day and Father's Day can be a little dicey around here.

Mr. Smith is estranged from his mother. Being sued by your mother tends to have a chilling effect on the mother/son relationship.

Mr. Smith's father? Well, he is just strange. We aren't really sure what the deal is there. For the most part, we just leave it at that and stick close to home.

We didn't really make any grand plans for Father's Day because of the potential for peril.

Saturday, Grand Master H arrived at the breakfast table looking like this:

Going to school just wears this child out!

Sunday morning Grand Master H slept until 6 am. I know, for most of you, that isn't late, but in these parts, that is the equivalent to sleeping until noon.

Saturday we had lunch with Mr. Smith's lovely Aunt Susan and Uncle Ray. Now this is a family gathering I can get behind! I nice calm lunch in San Juan Capistrano at Sarducci's. The food is good and there is the bonus of trains zipping by right outside the window. The babies loved it.

Good call Auntie Susan!

Baby C made a real splash by arriving in her butterfly dress and blue heart-shaped sunglasses (which she refused to remove for part of the meal).

When I told her she looked like a princess, Grand Master H bowed deeply and asked, "What do you need, your majesty?"

After lunch, Famous Baby C discovered the joys of a dress designed for twirling!

Grand Master H could not resist joining in the fun!

An odd side note: We were seated near a banquet room in the restaurant. They were having a reception after a funeral for about 55 people. As we were sitting down, I noticed an outline of a dead body (you know white, like the police leave at a murder scene) on the floor directly behind my chair and right in the path of every single person arriving for the post-funeral reception.

The restaurant apparently also has Murder Mystery Dinners.

They wisely covered the murdered guy's outline with a rug before it freaked out the post-funeral reception guests too much.

I did not take any photos while we were in San Juan, hence the title of this post.

Yes, our family has some awkward moments. Yes, we have some former family members who are less than stellar.

We have some who go above and beyond the call of duty and really shine. Aunt Susan and Uncle Ray, I am looking right at you.

You have both stepped into our lives and filled a void left by others and I can't ever fully express how much it means to all of us.

Your generosity and warmth, your unfailing kindness are all so deeply appreciated.

Thank you for being the grandparents that others would not or could not be.

Love is...

H loves a nice map