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The Widowmaker

Around here, we are always looking for new parks. 

Pop Pop and the babies are quite the connoisseurs when it comes to location, facilities, and shade/sun.

Recently, they discovered this gem nearby and it has quickly become a favorite. Unfortunately, the sun, even on a relatively cool day can be a bit punishing, but the equipment is nothing less than remarkable.

Yesterday, I took Grand Master H and his little crabby, no nap sidekick Famous Baby C for a 
little trip to said park.

The centerpiece is this three-story structure with two tunnel slides, 
a faux rock climbing thingy, ladders, etc.

See that red tunnel to the left?

Yeah, that thing drops three stories and shoots small children out at the bottom like they 
are Olympic Lugers.

And the comedy keeps writing itself.

First, the children shot their shoes down.

And then this happened.

At this point, Famous Baby C decided that this slide was far too dangerous for her and
would not be attempting it again.

Grand Master H, however, would not be deterred.
With each crash landing, when asked if he was okay, he said he was fine, so...
he kept at it, bless his heart.

And then, because there is literally no shade to be had, we packed up and came home.

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