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Blooming California

Mr. Smith isn't going to like to hear me saying this, but all the rain we have had in these parts
sure does make all sorts of pretty on the hills. If this is climate change, then I am all for it!

In other, less pretty news, I have not written anything about our former Governor.

If you know me, you know I have despised his mangy body-building ass since the 80s. 

A million years ago, when we first got a satellite dish and The Playboy Channel was not encrypted, The Dead End Guy spent hours watching mindless naked girls romping in a variety of settings.

One night, very very late they aired a documentary of Ahnuld cavorting, boozing, drugging and molesting his way through Carnival in Rio.  I watched in horror as an obviously drunk and disorderly thug, groped women without permission or even interest. He was the guy in the bar that just doesn't get it and kept grabbing women despite their obvious lack of interest and protests.

Just the kind of guy you want to take home to meet Eunice and Sergeant, right? I'm sure Uncle Teddy was thrilled! Someone to drink and whore with!

Listen, I am all for someone making something of themselves. More power to him for illegally coming to the United States, taking illegal drugs, molesting legions of women, making horrible films, social-climbing his way into a powerful political family, and costing the state millions on a 
frivolous recall election.

You just have to admire someone that is that sociopathic, I guess.

What happened was inevitable. You mix that much baby batter with enough eggs and you are going to end up with some baby mamas that you didn't intend. It is just science.

I feel sorry for Maria and Ahnuld's children. First of all, they have that asshole for a father. Secondly, they have someone who is so willfully blind that she KNEW what the score was before she married this pig, but she went ahead and spit out four children with him anyway.

Don't even get me started about the lies she told to help him win that bullshit recall election while rumors of his treatment of women swirled around him.

Grilled Cheesus, Maria! What were you thinking?

This whole thing is sad, but George Lopez, in drag as Ahnuld's Baby Mama?

That shit is FUNNY!

Kate Middleton she ain't

TB Ward Confidential