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And the verdict is...

Bulging disc, swelling discs, etc.

This is what is looks like. Apparently, I possess one of these and two more that are swollen.

Go big or go home, I guess.

In the interest of full disclosure, this is not from my MRI. This is from Wikipedia, but my close-up is probably very similar.

All I can say is, OUCH!

So now I become this other person that goes to the doctor, doesn't make cookies and eats salads.

To be completely honest, I have not been myself the last month or so. Being in this kind of pain has definitely taken a toll on me, Mr. Smith and the children.

My fuse is shorter, in fact, non-existent. This has been very draining and made even the simplest tasks (putting the kids to bed, giving them baths, putting them in the car, etc.) excruciating.

In short, I have been failing all those around me in spectacular fashion for a month now.

I am sick of being sick. I am sick of freezing by ass off with ice packs.

I want my life back. I want to be pain free again. I want to be able to walk and pick up my children when they need me to comfort them.

Tomorrow I get to go back to see Dr. Ball-O-Fire so he can tell me where we go from here.
I have stopped the steroids and the painkillers. I could not stand the side effects. I also feel like, due to my own negligence, I deserve to feel this pain, in full. I want to remember this so that I don't let this happen again.

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