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In other news...

Yeah, I know, the exploding toilet is pretty big stuff.

I have taken to referring to it as "The Weapon of Ass Destruction."

Yup, those are pieces of the lid. I still can't quite figure out how we escaped injury. 
I have just decided to be thankful that we are all safe and sound.

Now to the other news.

Our little caterpillars have whipped up their little "sleeping bags."

This guy was the last hold out. Isn't he fabulously prehistoric? 
 I can really feel for this one. Late bloomer and all.

I moved them to their little habitat for the balance of their Spring nap.
Both children (and their parents, let's be honest) are pretty excited to see the rest of this journey.

I will let you know what happens. I know you are on the edge of your seat!

If all goes well, these will be Painted Lady Butterflies, so keep your fingers crossed.

I will have more photos to post.
 It seems like all of Southern California is blooming and busting out all over, so I have photos galore!

Happy Birthday, Mom

Where were you...