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The White Hairs

We have been having rain, lots and lots of rain, in these parts.

Southern Californians don't really know how to handle it.

They freak out.

They drive like drunken little old ladies.

Entire newscasts are dedicated to losing their shit about the STORM OF DEATH!

They bundle up in down coats.

They wear earmuffs and mittens.

To those of us who have experienced truly awful weather, it is highly entertaining.

To my dog, who happens to be a So Cal native, he fears he will expire from hypothermia.

He is kind of a weenie.

He becomes the saddest dog in The OC.

He sulks around, looking for a lap or a person sitting down. 

He pleads with his dark brown eyes for you to share some of your precious body heat with him. 

When you get out of a chair, he sprints for the warm butt spot you leave behind (no pun intended).

Grammy is pretty bugged by this weather too.

"Rain is so inconvenient!"

So together they sit, blinds wide open to let in as much precious sun as possible.

He climbs up and wraps around her shoulders like one of those creepy fur pieces in old movies and she basks in his radiant body warmth.

Who knew they had exactly the same hair color! 

Turns out, Archie is the perfect accessory on those rainy days.

Aren't they adorable?

Where were you...

Rough patch