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My Coffee Date

Yesterday, Famous Baby C and I had a coffee date.
That means, I had some coffee and she had hashbrowns. 

I'm not THAT irresponsible! Please, I wouldn't give her coffee.
Unless she really, really wanted it.

Grand Master H is kind of neurotic right now about riding in the car. 

He is prone to car sickness and I can watch him spin out at the thought of 
getting in to car and feeling hot/sick and throwing up as a result of his nerves.

I'm hoping that this is a phase and that chewable Dramamine isn't addictive.
We have been making liberal use of it around here to keep his stomach on a more even keel.

She was so excited to have me all to herself.
It was a rare treat. For me as well.

To just have Mother Daughter time together was lovely.

She got to swing and climb on things. Not as long as either of us would have liked. 

It was brief, but fun.

I need to make more of an effort to have alone time with her.

She is absolutely delightful.

I know I shouldn't think this is funny...

Another rough week