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Happy Valentine's Day!

Yes, here at Vertigo B central, we kept the party going yesterday,
and believe me, it is a sad, miserable tale for another time.

Today I want to fight back against the "big ugly" and have a nice, happy Valentine's Day!

To that end, I bring you:

This one is for my beloved brother and his family. 
They had to cancel their highly-anticipated visit to the other coast. 
Tears have been shed by us all 
and we are heartbroken, but know that this too shall pass.

A1, A2, and A3 are much loved and much missed today. 
Grand Master H and Famous Baby C were so 
very very excited to have a party with their cousins.

Not to worry, we are going to send special boo boo gifts and love your way very soon.

In the meantime, watch the monkeys and we will arrange a video chat!

P.S. When you have a few minutes, go check out Kim's fantastic coffee blog. She is posting new coffee photos every 30 minutes today. They are so lovely and creative. You might even bump into something of mine over there!

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