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Whew. Part 1

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am worn out.
I have been so preoccupied by our business (or as my former boss used to say "bid-ness"), by making sure that Santa brought EXACTLY the right thing ON TIME, by keeping up a facade of happy happy joy joy that I am just plain tuckered out.

All of this while slogging through a brutal post-Turkey Day period of blues.

I am not even sure what the hell is was wrong with me.

Thankfully, hopefully, the clouds have lifted and I will keep feeling better.

Be that as it may, things kept going.

There were Gingerbread Houses to decorate.

There was Grand Master H's Big Christmas Show.

I am not sure who was more anxious about it, me or him. I swear I was having nightmares and anxiety attacks for days ahead of time. I worried that he had practiced and wouldn't want to do it when the time came. Turns out I was right, but my little trooper did it anyway, despite being scared shitless and his father and I nearly died from the pride of it.

H and three little girls dressed in cowboy gear, dancing to a song about teaching Santa to ho ho ho.
Yup, that is enough to level me.

And, yes, he was that deadly serious through the entire number. He is a VERY serious thespian.

As it turns out, every time he gets too hungry, too tired or too frustrated, he brings up the fact that I "made him" be in the show and that he didn't want to do it, but I made him do it anyway.

None of which is true. I want to be clear, I in no way forced him. I told him he could back out if he wanted to and so did his teacher. Apparently, the fact that I left him backstage and went to sit in the audience meant that he was being forced, at the end of a gun, to sing and dance like a trained monkey.
He maintains he was too shy to speak up.

I have a feeling this is one for the therapist when he is an adult.

And then there was the obligatory photoshoot for the Christmas card.
It did not go well this year.

Notice how they aren't sitting still in the same shot or looking in the same direction?


And then there were the random naps. I never know for sure where and when I will find Boo sacked out, face down, resting up for her next big caper.

I may be taking one of these later. I am getting tired reliving all of this!

Stay tuned for Whew. Part 2!

Whew. Part 2

It Ain't Perfect, But It's Christmas