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Master Thespian

I am definitely not a center of the attention kind of girl.

Never have been. That is part of the reason we got married, without fanfare in Las Vegas.

Mr. Smith isn't a big one for being the center of attention either.

Last night was Grand Master H's Big Show at school. He has been rehearsing for over a month with his classmates. I haven't said anything because I was afraid he would bail at the last minute. The show didn't start until 6:30 and he is sometimes in bed long before that time. I couldn't imagine how he
would make it.

His number was scheduled to be the last of the show. I had major doubts about his being able to
handle it.

He had started asking to go home before we even got into the building.

He kept saying he didn't want to be in the show. He wanted to go home. I wanted to give in to him, but decided to let his teacher handle it. I dropped him off in his classroom, told her about his concerns. She told him that he could stay with her and if he decided not to do it, that would be fine too.

I went back out and watched the rest of the show.

H's school is part of a larger school that teaches gymnastics, aerial arts, tumbling, etc. It is a perfect fit for him since he is soooooo physical. This boy is no couch potato, he is hopping up and 
down pretty much all day.

I sat in the audience watching tiny ballerinas, older girls who could be in Cirque del Soleil at some point, listened to the music, but in the back of my mind I was frantic with worry. I was so worried that he was upset, melting down, losing his shit over the thought of being in the show.

Mainly because that is what I would do. I would be frantic with fear, probably to the point of 
throwing up.

The show went on, the stakes got higher, and I got more and more frantic.

There was one more number and then H's.

The giant black curtain was closed while they prepared for the number.

And when the curtain opened:

I burst into tears.

He was the only boy that made it to the end. In fact, he was the only boy in the entire show.

The others had lost it and dropped out at the last minute, including H's best friend.

I was so proud that he had made it. I was so proud that he had honored his commitment to his teachers and his classmates despite being scared.


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