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Pancake Breakfast

Grand Master H appears to be heading for another growth spurt.
He is sleeping long hours and when he is awake he is eating.

Mostly, he is eating pancakes. I could work in a diner. I am making pancakes almost every 
day, multiple times.

He wants to have pancakes while he is waiting for me to make dinner.
He wants pancakes for breakfast, after school, and again for lunch.

Oh, and for snacks. A nice snack of pancakes really hits the spot.

On Sunday we took both children to The Original Pancake House.

H was beyond excited. He had been planning his order since Friday.

Baby C goes to a restaurant, brings her own food and demands to leave the moment the 
waitress brings our food.

H inhaled three scrambled eggs and three HUGE pancakes. After he was done, he starting eyeing Mr. Smith's breakfast.

By the time we got home he was hungry again.

He asked me to make pancakes.

I am not even kidding.

At some point this is going to taper off, right?

He can't keep this up, right?

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