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Halloween Hangover

I had no idea how this would pan out.
Both Grand Master H and Baby C had pretty much lost interest 
by the time actual trick or treating had begun.

And then the doorbell rang a few more times.

We banned them from passing out candy only clad in underwear, so they were not happy.

They opted for the more traditional approach and we got them into their costumes.

Baby C put on her Snow White costume, with some beads, an elfin hat and some ballet slippers. The result was a kind of Snow White/Seven Dwarves mash up.

H opted for his ghost costume sans vampire teeth (thankfully since no one can understand him when he is wearing them) and off we went.

After the first house they were hooked.

Baby C: THIS IS FUN! Come on guys! Follow me!

Believe me, she would still be out there now if we had allowed it.

 H: Finally I get to go trick or treating!

About five houses later, he announced he had enough candy and was ready to go home.

He is just not as hardcore as his sister.

The funniest part to me is that she would sooner take a bullet than eat any of the candy. 
She only likes Pez and candy buttons (you know, the ones on paper). 
That fact did not slow her down one bit.

When the doorbell stopped ringing and it registered for both children that no more trick or treaters would be coming and that Halloween was actually over, they both broke down in tears, sobbing.

They had hoped it would last just a little longer.

Even though it was over, I would not trade the memory of the two of them, after we got home, inspecting their pumpkins to assess their haul.

Speaking of hangovers...

Final costumes