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Grand Master H is crazy for hot chocolate.
I am not. I never really have been. It never tastes as good as I hope it will be.
I don't have fond memories of lumpy Swiss Miss, watery and weak on snow days.
The best thing about it was that it was hot, the chocolate, not so much.

I got Mr. Smith a hot chocolate pot when we were first married.

He is methodical.
He gathers the MANY ingredients, he measures, he pours, he frets.
It is a VERY involved process.

I can't be bothered.

Last year he started making it for Grand Master H.
He makes it a few times a week.

Grand Master H is quite specific about the type of hot chocolate mix that suits him.
Lake Champlain Mocha Hot Chocolate, thankyouverymuch, and no other, is the only one that will do.

Baby C got into the act of preparing the stuff, but would NEVER EVER consider drinking it.

And then H gets involved.

H adds the salt. Don't ask.

And then H startes cheering for the Hot Chocolate Festival they are having.

Mr. Smith was in a hurry this morning, but he took the time to make hot chocolate and 
let his children "help."

Oh man, am I ever lucky he married me!

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