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A sad anniversary

His nickname was Speed.
It was meant to be ironic, I think.

He was not a man to hurry. He was quiet and elegant, but never ever pretentious. There are several men he referred to as "stuff shirts." I never really knew what he meant, but I am betting they were blowhards that boasted about themselves. That was NOT his style.

He was not a college graduate, but he was easily one of the most educated men I have ever known. Perhaps that is why I have so much respect for self-taught men.

He never stopped reading, learning, acquiring knowledge. His curiosity stayed with him his entire life. He literally read a book a day, every day. It was amazing.

Three years ago today he passed from this life into the waiting arms of his beloved (albeit feisty) wife.
He missed her terribly and I like to think of them together again, bickering over some mundane detail of life, him sitting in the car waiting for her, letting go of the heaviest sighs you have ever heard and 
a few major eye rolls.

Even though I miss them both, I like to think of them together again.

Just like this.

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