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Picture Winter - January 23

The prompt: High Strung

I had seen this idea used to make a garland for Christmas, but never got around to making it.

This prompt was vexing for me. Until I remembered this idea
I could not imagine what I was going to use.

And then I got carried away and made another one with conversation 
hearts (the big ones with fancy edges).

Did you know that they have hearts that say, "e-mail me"?

Yeah, kind of made me feel old.

And then I found this one
and I felt young again.

It reminds me of Mr. Smith and I how smitten I still am over him.
It made me think of the first time he kissed me and how I got lost.
It made me feel like every single day with him has been 
even better than Valentine's Day.

What a guy.

Sometimes you wear the suit...

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