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Picture Winter - January 21

The prompt: Winter's Pull

Yeah, we aren't really having Winter in Southern California. In the morning, when the sun is on the back of the house, the temp has been over 90 all week. 

The children are completely confused by this. They have been running around, scantily clad and playing with the hose. It just seems outrageous, but you can't argue with the thermometer.

Yesterday, after months of heated negotiations, both children got their hair cut.

Stephanie is a saintly woman, who has been cutting Mr. Smith's hair since forever. She is patient and kind and, bless her heart, loves cutting children's hair. She deserves an award!

After everyone got pretty, we decided to swing by the beach. Both children believed that it would be a lovely day for a dip in the Pacific, not realizing that it is quite chilly even on a warm day.

Watching them almost makes my heart burst with joy.

This is your brain on drugs...

Picture Winter - January 20