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A New Day

2011 has started.

You may have noticed.

Mr. Smith and I are such hard partiers, we slept through it.

It was our only option really since our children keep such ungodly hours.

Yesterday I started Picture Winter.

I am also trying a 365 project. This involves taking/posting a picture each day. For the time being it will probably be the same photos I use for the Picture Winter class (which runs through January). I am just going to see where it takes me.

January 1
The prompt: A Day of Rest

Homemade granola for breakfast.

January 2
The prompt: Looking Out

Mr. Smith and I went on a date.
Nothing fancy.
Burgers and then a movie.
We are simple folk.
After the movie, Mr. Smith was kind enough to drive over to Newport so I could take photos of the sunset, flowers and some birds that reside in the Back Bay.

It was cold and dangerous. People on their bikes ride like bats out of hell and are totally willing to run you down if you are foolish enough to walk on the sidewalk.

In my opinion, there is a good reason it is called a sideWALK and happens to be strategically placed right next to a BIKE LANE, as in a special lane for BIKES, assholes!!

I love Southern California.

Anyway, I will be sharing more of the photos later, but the little flower above 
was peeking out, begging to be captured.

2011's first sunset

Picture the Holidays - December 27 thru 31