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Picture Winter - January 15 & 16

The tough week has decided to hang around a bit longer.

I am not thrilled with this development.

Even with all the crazy around here, Mr. Smith and I were able to take a 
small break and go out for a date last night.

We went to the Salt Creek Grille. Because that is what we do.
The food, service and location are nothing short of spectacular. 

January 15: Cooling It

This is what I had for dessert. Yeah. It tasted as good as looks, take my word for it.

And I don't even LIKE macadamia nuts OR caramel!

January 16: Wrapped Up

Every once in a while, I am a pretty awesome Mom.

Notice I said "every once in a while."

For the most part, I am not that good at this job. I think in many ways I was single and childless for too many years to be a really great Mom.

Yesterday, I came up with the idea of warming H's blanket up in the dryer, you know, to comfort him.

Is there anything more delicious, when you are chilled and not feeling well than a nice warm blanket, fresh out of the hot dryer?

I think not.

Thankfully, he is doing much better today.

He even picked a fight with his sister.

Yup, things are back to normal.

Now I just need to bleach the entire house.

Things to think about today

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