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Musing on muses

How many times do you drive by some spectacular tree 
and not even notice it is beckoning to you with oranges, reds,

or even the occasional splash of fuschia? 

Just begging you to look and admire it. 

Shouting at you, "Hey, you over there, LOOK AT ME! Stop what you are doing, and LOOK AT ME! Revel in my splendor. I am really pulling out all the stops over here!"

How often do you rush to get a meal prepared, not taking 
time to enjoy the meditative quality to chopping, stirring, simmering?

Yeah, me too.

We all do it.

It is so hard to stay "in the moment" and pay attention to the small things.

Today, we are finally climbing out of our pool of misery and seeing daylight. Our eyes are still adjusting, but the clouds are parting.

I actually left the house for a bit, albeit to replace poor Violet who succumbed to being doused with Famous Baby C puke. 

These things happen when you are a stuffed toy.

Yup, Baby C threw up for the first time in her life, in her bed and slept through it. Her brother did the exact same thing when he was about her age. The poor kids.

On the way home from my little outing to witness the outside world, on a route I have driven countless times, in every season, in every type of weather, 
I noticed a side street for the very first time and it took my breath away.

So, rather than hurry back home, as I had planned, I took a small detour and took some pictures.

The funny thing, it was even more beautiful than it had been from the other side.

Funny thing about that.

How different things can look when you just slow down, and breathe and change your perspective.

Just something I was thinking about.

I was also thinking how awesome it is that I married a man that believes that 
homemade banana bread is an acceptable dinner option.

Mr. Smith is the best.

Picture Winter - January 11-14

Proud 2 b Amurican, dammit.