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Picture Winter - January 8-10

As you can imagine, the last thing on my mind has been taking pictures. I just could not focus. 
Literally and figuratively. 

Sometimes you just have to phone it in.

Food poisoning seemed like a good reason to phone it in.

January 8. The prompt: Texture seeker

January 9. The prompt: Bundled up.

A waffle weave sweatshirt and fuzzy slippers. This covers textures and bundling in my book. I needed the warmth and the comfort desperately. These fit the bill perfectly.

January 10. The prompt: Seeking Balance

Yeah, it has been like a high wire act around here. Two sick parents, two kids under 5, not pretty. The house looks like a twister came through. Don't even get me started about the kitchen!

The kids have been like a drunk/stoned 70s band trashing a hotel suite.

This morning after almost an hour of quiet, they appeared dressed like this.

Yup, his shirt (from last year) is on upside down, his pajama bottoms are at least 2 sizes too small.
She is wearing his old mismatched pajamas (which are HUGE). Baby C is actually wearing shorts, but she is so petite, they are more like clam diggers!

I would say we need to get some balance back.


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