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Mammary Monday

And so, it is a new day here at the Vomitorium.

In all honesty, that portion of the program seems to have completed. We just have crushing headaches that won't go away. No sudden moves, no loud noises, kids, Mommy and Daddy have hangovers!

Or food poisoning. Or both.

Maybe it just feels like both. With a side of migraine and sinus headache.

Okay, so over the last 48 hours, I have gone outside to move my car wearing only a pair of Mr. Smith's boxer briefs and a sweatshirt.

Oh wait, I was wearing some Mucksters (worth every damn penny) too!

That was it.

I also drove Mr. Smith to the ER wearing only my pajamas and a giant polar fleece hoodie. If, heaven forbid, we had been in an accident, there were no undergarments involved.

I'm just saying.

And last, and definitely not least, I proceeded to take my sweatshirt off and put my bra on and the put my shirt back on, in the kitchen this morning. Immediately after that, I looked out our back kitchen window and found out there were about 5 guys doing gardening work in the green area just outside the window. I am awesome!

Mr. Smith dubbed today, Mammary Monday. You go ahead and celebrate the holiday any way you see fit. Don't wear a bra, flash someone, whatever blows your proverbial skirt up.

And so goes my day.

It will get better right?

P.S. I may have eaten Donettes for breakfast, followed by Tater Tots. Don't judge me.

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