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Nectarine Shortbread

I have started this post no less than four times.

Each time I have been interrupted by some crisis, poopy diaper, tantrum, shiny thing that caught my eye...pick a reason. 

The last week has been rough for a number of reasons, not the least of which are the issues H has been having. They drag on me so. I wish there was some magic solution that will make it possible for him to realize, before it is far too late, that he is hungry and needs to eat NOW!

Hope springs eternal.

And so, I must move on, set the food alarms and heed each and every one...for him and for all of us. So that we can keep things on a more even keel.

This recipe was originally posted on Smitten Kitchen as Peach Shortbread. I am sure they would be delicious, if peaches are your thing.

I do not happen to be a peach person. My husband, my son, my mother and my uncle all love peaches. Even my dear, departed, missed-every-single-day Papa was a peach person. They have a slimy quality texture that I can't handle.

Sorry peach lovers, but my tastes lean more toward nectarines. Although you could just as easily do apples, plums or just about any fruit that you love. 

When the recipe was posted, I happened to have several beautiful red and white nectarines just pleading for a worthy recipe.

Thanks, Smitten Kitchen for saving the nectarines!

A few notes on the recipe. The brown butter is definitely apparent in the final product. You can taste that hint of nuttiness that the brown butter brings to the table.

Be warned, this does take some time. You will need to watch the butter closely because it can go horrible wrong pretty quickly. 

Also, leaving the butter in the freezer for several hours because you got distracted by a hummingbird in the backyard and you have a spiffy new camera that can capture great shots of said hummingbird, yeah, not so much. 

That's her in the upper left.

Leaving it for about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes should do it. After several hours, well, let's just say, I could have used that ramekin of brown butter for a hammer. When I attempted to pry it out of the ramekin, it cracked, loudly. I thought I had broken the dish, but the butter was that hard!

Then I had to use almost every implement in my arsenal to blend it with the flour mixture. It was not pretty. At one point, Grand Master H came into the kitchen and asked, "WHAT are you DOING?" At that point, I was starting to wonder myself!

After all of that, they were gorgeous and so very very tasty. Not overly sweet, just the right amount of fruit so that you taste it, but the bar is not soggy. There is some cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg that is just right.

Get yourself some hot coffee and a few of these bars and you are set.

Another strike against Facebook?

On a more humorous note...