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The other night Mr. Smith and I made another attempt at going out on a date.

I am starting to feel like the Mary Richards of dating. Remember how every time she gave a dinner party and something awful would happen? Georgette went into labor, Rhoda brought a date that was not expected, the power went out, and on and on and on.

Good thing Mr. Smith and I got married so quickly. I am really really really bad at dating.

I had been having some kind of stomach bug/issue and thought I was better. I was not. The moment I started eating dinner, I started to get really severe stomach pain. It was uncomfortable to stay sitting upright. I tried to tough it out, but in the end, we had to call it a very early night.

As we were leaving the shopping center, there was a man standing at the intersection. It was a pretty hot day but he was wearing heavy sweat pants, a long sleeved shirt and a hooded jacket. He was shivering even though it was quite hot. He was bundled up.

He was holding a sign that read, "Homeless. Terminal Cancer. Please Help. God Bless."

Two young men were standing waiting to cross the street. Suddenly one of the young men, turned and ran back to the man and handed him some folded money. He thanked the young man, turned away so the young man could not see him, closed his eyes, turned his face skyward and mouthed, "Thank you."

I quickly grabbed my purse and fished out the largest bill I had. I called him over to the car and handed it to him.

As we drove away, I cried.

I cried because I wondered where his family is, what happened to him. Why is he in that place at that moment?

I worried about him and where he would sleep. I worried about how much pain he might be in at any point.

I have thought about him several times every day since we saw him. I can still see him standing there, shivering despite the heat, thankful for the smallest donation.

We are not rich. We are, in fact, broke.

Except for the grace and generosity of my parents, we would be living on the streets. We would not have insurance. We would be in a dire situation. The same dire situation that so many people are finding themselves.

I am lucky enough to have a safety net. How many people don't? How many children go to bed hungry? How many people don't have insurance and can't be treated for cancer?

Why are bailing out rich bankers with solid gold parachutes, when there is a homeless guy dying of terminal cancer?

How many people could be saved with the money that we have dumped into the banks, into optional manufactured wars?

Sorry to be such a downer, but I had to get it off my chest.

I feel better now. Don't you?

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