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The Smith Family outings - Part 1

In our continuing effort to expose these children to all different experiences, we decided to make the trip to the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park. Apparently they are in the process of rebranding/renaming the park Safari Park, which actually makes more sense.

We figured the weather in OC was relatively cool (70s) so we would not roast. We were horribly wrong. It was in the 90s and extremely hot.

Of course the Little People both fell asleep in the car on the way down (mostly due to the forced dose of Dramamine for H and C naturally had to have one too, since her brother can't get something and leave her out, even where medicine is concerned).

The nap in the car was not nearly long enough for Our Young Lady of Perpetual Insomnia, which rendered her crabby and anti-everything for the rest of the day.


We forged ahead.

Here is the photographic proof that Mr. Smith and I tried to do something nice for our children. They weren't thrilled with it, but at least we made the effort, right?

This bird was talking to us and really freaked the children out.

If you look closely, you can see the baby's little head peeking out from under the mother's wing.

Shopping for new accessories

Can you stand it?

"Telescoping" animals

"No sign of 'em yet!" 

Between screaming fits.

So cute, yet so evil

Bouncy bridge

More bouncy bridge

Balloon ride

Some kind of cool flower in herb garden

Rhino sunning their buns

 The great explorer points out the sights with her chubby finger
 Dicussing the sights.

Giraffe feeding time. 

Sleeping lioness.

Check out the tongue sticking out!

We came, we saw, and that place kicked our asses.

The Lack of Sleep Report

Butternut Squash