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Small blog, big life

Recently I read somewhere, if you have a small blog, you probably have a big life.

I have not been posting much because I have been having a big life.

I am trying to turn over the proverbial leaf and get myself and these children out of the house. It has been fun and wonderful, but holy mackerel, is it tiring to travel around with these two.

I have stories and photos to share from our adventures. I will be working away on more posts.

Oh yeah, and I have been dragging poor Mr. Smith around in cold and windy conditions so that I could take photos for the Night Photography class I am participating in on-line.

I have learned so much in the short time I have been playing around with the spiffy camera.

It has changed my life. I know how melodramatic that sounds, but it really has. I see thing differently now. I notice light in a way that I never have. I see details that I have been missing for years.

Amazing stuff.

So now I am one of those strange ducks that goes around with a big-ass camera around her neck, husband and kids trailing behind.

I might need an intervention. Or another lens. I'm not sure yet.

And to keep you entertained, here is the conversation I had with Famous Baby C when Mr. Smith delivered her to my sleepy self in bed early early this morning.

Famous Baby C: I got my elephant jamas. Grammy got them for me. She get them at the grocery store.

Me: No, the grocery store is where you buy food.

Famous Baby C: Oooooh, like McDonald's!

Me: No, McDonald's, well, it is more like a restaurant.

Famous Baby C: Ooooooh, a restaurant!

Me: Yes, it is called fast food.

Famous Baby C: Yes, it is called fast food. Oooooooh! Fast food where you can chase the food!

More later.

Colbert kicks ass.

Paging Miss Amy...