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Scenes from the parenting front - Part 1

Scene 1

Mr. Smith had to take a work-related phone call, so he headed upstairs to the bedroom/office.

Grand Master H proceeded to chase him down. When I asked him what he was doing he told me the following:

"I am looking for that guy who always wants to do work!"

And then, as he rubbed his hands together in his best super villain manner:

"He has no idea about all the secret plans of The Crazy Kids!"

So true!

Scene 2

Me: Dada has to work because Mommy loves money.

Baby C: No you don't, Mommy! You don't love money!

Me: Yes, I do.

Baby C: No you don't, Mommy. You DO NOT LOVE MY MONEY IN MY PIGGY BANK!

Don't ask me why she thought I would go for her piggy bank. I am many things, but I would not steal change from my daughter's piggy bank!

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