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Picture Summer Photo Album - Part 3

July 21st prompt: Spacey. We were supposed to emphasize space in the photo. This one is just after Grand Master H got schooled by a wave. He was "done" with the beach.

July 22nd prompt: Girl put your records on. Summer soundtrack.

This one would be Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Baby C loves to be hung upside down. She is our daredevil, as you can see by the look on her face.

This one is H and his imagination on full display. It reminds me of the song by Milkshake, Bottle of Sunshine.

I got a big Bottle Of Sunshine
mixed it up with a bowl of daydreams
poured it into a suitcase full of laughter that I found
you won't find me sitting around...

July 23rd prompt: Life is but a dream...water. We were asked to capture the soothing nature of water. Watching waves is just about the most soothing sight and sound there is.

July 24th prompt: Larger than life, summer shadows. Mr. Smith and I headed out the celebrate his birthday, our 5th anniversary and listen to the MOST depressing live music in the history of bars. The guy played frickin' Cat's Cradle! I don't think that is even legal to play a song that is that depressing, even when you AREN'T swilling down overpriced alcohol and fondue.

July 25th prompt: The Magic Number. A triptych that tells a story.

I did one of the superheros that live with me (capes and mask included).

The second one was a series with Baby C and Archie. She asked him for a kiss, he obliged, she was grossed out when he slipped her the tongue. 

July 25th prompt: Getting the Giggles. Here are my babies, sharing a laugh. I hope that they will always be able to make each other laugh. I hope that they always have this.

July 26th prompt: Silhouettes of Summer. This was a photo of Grand Master H romping on a hill at the park.

July 28th prompt: Spin on Summer. This one asked us to set a slow shutter speed and slightly torque the camera as we were taking the photo. This gives the feeling of motion.

I have to admit, my labyrinthitis was in full swing (no pun intended) that day. I was nauseated each time I looked at the other student's photos. It was so much fun to play with the idea, despite my vertigo, I could not stop experimenting.

July 29th prompt: Barefootin'. Famous Baby C's little baby monkey feet and monkey toes gripping her rattle. This one is from the archives and has always been one of my favorites. Just look at those rolls of chub on her ankles!

July 30th prompt: Endless Summer. This one was supposed to be a sunset.

This was another post-thunderstorm shot. The colors were just too spectacular.

July 31st prompt: Decorate for Summer. For the final day we were asked to print out our photos and make a garland, but I skipped that. I don't really have a spot to hang it.

Also, I was feeling very sad that the class ended. I learned so much. I loved the comments from other students. I loved looking at other people's interpretations of the prompt. There were students all over the world, so there was a wide variety for each prompt. I was so excited to see the prompt each morning and I was already missing the prospect of the challenge.

I have already signed up for Picture Fall. Now, what I am I going to do until October 1st?

Quick French Bread

A Potato kind of girl