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Cooking Fool, Part I: Mini Blueberry Muffins

This weekend lots of stuff happened in my kitchen.

On Saturday morning, this happened.

And then this.

Oooooh, and then this.

I have decided to blame it on Smitten Kitchen. She put the recipe up and I was forced to make a mini bite-size version that was just too easy to eat.

I take full responsibility for the fact that I happened to have the ingredients in the house, but that is all I will cop to.

They are, in fact, perfect. They are light and slightly sweet without choking you. They have just the right amount of blueberries, so the muffins don't get soggy.

Just lovely.

Go make them, so I don't feel so guilty.

Make them small, make them big, it won't matter. They won't hang around for too long either way.

Use your best judgement, or don't. I won't tell.

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