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Vanilla perfume...

or extract. You could use this stuff for either one.

Did you know that you can make your very own vanilla extract?

Yeah, neither did I!

But lucky for me, I found this gal's blog. I confess, I have a little cooking crush on her. If that is even possible. She is funny, and adorable and makes such great food.

Anyway, enough of my skeletons. She detailed the method for making vanilla extract, you know that tiny little bottle that you use in EVERYTHING that costs a small fortune? Yeah, that stuff.

Turns out it is so simple and relatively inexpensive to produce all on your own. Who knew? Just think of the money you will save!

These nice folks (look at the link to the left) sell them on Amazon. Seven beans (still soft, not the creepy dried out ones you buy when you are making pudding or ice cream) for $7.95! That is less than you will spend on a TINY ASS bottle of vanilla extract.

You just need the beans and some bourbon and a mason jar.

That's it.


I know. It is amazing.

I am here to tell you, when the beans arrive you will have to keep yourself from rubbing them behind your ears. They smell THAT good. Mr. Smith was even buzzing around them.

You will need three beans for each cup of booze. You can use Bourbon or Vodka, whichever you prefer. I am using Bourbon and Madagascar Vanilla Beans.

Put the bourbon (or vodka) in the jar , split the beans in half so you get that yummy caviar inside, put the beans in there so they are submerged.

Put the top on (I wrote the date in Sharpie on the lid, so I wouldn't forget) and find a dark spot, leave it for two months. Go ahead and give it a shake every once in a while.

There, you are done.

How awesome is that?

Thanks, Joy!

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