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In the kitchen

Today, I made this.

Aren't they just lovely? And the best part? They taste as good as they look!

The recipe is adapted from Cooking Light. It is very tasty if you stick to their recipe. My sister-in-law has been using the recipe very happily for years.

I am a giant loser and did not have the required yogurt. Because I cleaned out the refrigerator, I did not have the yogurt.

Okay, I will be honest. The yogurt that I found in the very back on the bottom shelf had actually expired in APRIL! I am all for live cultures and all that jazz, but there have to be limits to the level of "live cultures." I mean, if the food is almost at the point of walking out of the fridge, you might be pushing the limits.

So, long story short, I substituted sour cream. It worked fine. I would argue that it tastes a little better.

Also, I was just feeling too lazy to do all that stuff with melting the chocolate chips and making marble banana bread. I just threw the chips into the batter. Much easier, less fuss. Tastes AWESOME!!

Also, Grand Master H put himself down for a three hour nap. He has also had somewhere in the neighborhood of 28 meals today. I figure he will be about 6 ' 2" by morning.

Can you sense his irritation?

The dog and I don't know exactly what to do when both little people are asleep...at the same time...for any length of time. Mostly because that never ever ever happens. And on the rare occasions that it does, I am so excited that there is quiet and that I have some time to my own self that I freak out at all the possibilities of stuff I could do. I freak out so much that I end up squandering the time and I end up watching some crappy murder show on the ID Channel. As soon as I start to get completely freaked out and absorbed in the show, Baby C starts squawking and my fun time is at an end.

Today, I just decided to torment the dog with the new camera.

This might be my favorite photo of him EVER!

Lastly, Baby C has a new best friend. He is a stuffed rabbit and his name is Chocolate Truffle. She has long rambling conversations with him. They go on picnics together, have tea parties and she puts him down for naps.

She even pushes him around, at top speed, on break neck rides in her shiny new shopping cart. So this is also going on in the kitchen at any given time.

Lastly, parents, how in the name of all that is holy do you combat the dry marker issue?

They won't/don't put the caps on. The stupid things dry out if you look at them cross-eyed. If I leave the caps off, guess who doesn't learn the lesson, but guess who ends up replacing the stupid ass, dry markers?


That's all I have. 

Can you tell Mr. Smith has been gone all day and I haven't had much contact with adult humans?

Mommy might need a little cocktail. Maybe there is a good murder show on the ID Channel! Sorry Mr. Smith!

Dear Mr. Smith,

First Blush