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Body Heat, The Sequel

Yesterday the upstairs air conditioning unit finally gave up the ghost. It has been making an unholy noise for a while now (but only when a repairman was no where around), so it was not a complete shock.

It is, however, not a good time (hello heat wave) for this to happen.

I should restate this. The unit still works, but it turns out it only blows HOT AIR! That would be completely awesome if we were orchids. We are not orchids. We like our air conditioned dammit. We want our air conditioned. We NEED our air conditioned. Carbon footprint be damned.

I called the folks who have been out twice to look at the tricky unit. They wanted $100 to show up on an emergency basis, $85 for the first half hour and $45 for each half our after that, with no guarantee that they would have the parts necessary to fix the damn thing.

This morning when I called back, their first available appointment is FRIDAY!


We found someone that can come today. Who knows if he will be able to fix it? Hope springs eternal.

On the upside, does sweating profusely promote dramatic weight loss?

In the meantime, we will be in the kiddie pool, thinking cool thoughts.

Update: As it turns out, it was a relatively inexpensive capacitor, not the wildly expensive compressor. We were able to sleep in delicious coolness. Thanks, Mr. A/C Man, Kevin!

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