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More Butterfly news

As I told you yesterday, this guy is hanging around our yard. He is a Mourning Cloak, thanks Wikipedia.

At least twice he came to the window (door actually) and attempted to join us in the air-conditioned coolness of the family room. Perhaps he realized how fond I am of him? Perhaps he wanted to know what I was writing about him?

This morning I was awakened by the pre-dawn yelping of Baby C (4:45, to be exact). Turns out being up that early, I find treasures like this.

Here he is, snoozing, resting, regrouping in my hanging tomato plant.

I am glad that he is putting the plant to good use. As you can see, I have a bumper crop of Roma tomatoes. Unfortunately, they seem to be very happy being green and refuse to ripen.

Anybody have recipes using ten pounds of green tomatoes?

We are not amused.

New friend