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How do you solve a problem like Mel?

Earlier today, I listened to Mel Gibson, panting and raging on the phone to the mother of his youngest child. If you have not heard the tape, you can hear it here.

I should warn you, it is graphic and it is disturbing.

Mel is a man unhinged (how else do you explain these haircuts/facial hair). He obviously hates this woman for some real or imagined transgression. He is panting and screaming with such force that his voice is strained. He is obviously exhausted from his tirade.

I felt sorry for Oksana...that is until I heard her laugh at him. In that moment, I knew that she would end up okay in all of this. She is very wisely using Mel against Mel, despite her claims to have had nothing to do with releasing the tapes. It is obvious that she saw these phone tirades as an opportunity to catch him red-handed and let the world know what he really is. She made the recordings, she has the most to gain by leaking them, you do the math.

Many years ago, I was on the receiving end of a call like that one. Full of venom and hate, the "man" I was dating had misinterpreted something extremely innocent. He was screaming as he chased me to my car in front of him home. The neighbors witnessed it, their faces blank with shock and desire to not get involved. I will never forget, hurrying to start my car while he raged, while his little dog sat in the yard barking at me, seconding his hatred.

She claims he hit her, knocked out teeth, etc. while she was holding their daughter. At this point, that doesn't even matter. On the recordings, I heard him threaten multiple times to kill her.

What do you do? Do you put his movie star ass in jail?

He needs to be punished, but what punishment fits?

I don't know. I just know how scary it is to get that phone call. I only wish that I had possessed enough self-confidence to record The Dead End Guy, if for no other reason than to play it back for him all these years later.

In other news, I have been cooking and experimenting.

Today, I am making Peanut Butter Swirl Ice Cream. Stay tuned!

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