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Yesterday I gave Archie this stuffed toy. 

It kind of looks like an otter, but it doesn't have any front paws, which is disturbing. It is stuffed animal, so I try not to think about it too much.

Famous Baby C will not let Archie play undisturbed. 

She is compelled to grab it from him and run like hell.

Luckily, Archie thinks this is hilarious.

If he is playing with it and she doesn't notice, he finds her, stands near her and 
shakes the living crap out of the thing, hitting her with the Amputee Otter.

A chase is the inevitable result and everyone screams, growls and generally makes a ton of noise.

It is a wicked combination of funny and annoying. The screaming is annoying, but Archie's tactic of getting Baby C to chase him is a riot!

He is willing to knock her to the ground to get it back from her. At one point, he was practically dragging her around. 

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